Aerial Photos - Extremadura

Well hellfire and brimstone, what on earth was I thinking of? It's been nearly three weeks since the last aerial photo montage! This collection looks at one of the lesser known regions of Spain, Extremadura. This rugged region is tucked away in the west of country and borders Portugal. A couple of clubs have made it to La Primera, namely CP Merida and CF Extremadura, but in recent years the clubs from this region have fallen on hard times. Featured below are four stadiums, the first of which is Estadio Principe Felipe, home to CP Cacereño. Next up is a rather grainy picture of the Municipal de Navalmoralo. Apologies for the quality, but pictures of the stadium and the resident club, CP Moralo are rarer than hen's teeth so this will have to do. The stadium in the bottom right hand corner is El Vivero, the former home of CD Badajoz, which made way for a sports centre in 2010. Finally, we have the home of CD Diter Zafra, the Nuevo Estadio de Zafra.

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