La Unión - Polideportivo Municipal

Caravaca CF is no more. The club, or more accurately, their place in Segunda B was removed from Caravaca and dropped in La Unión, a small mining town of 18,000 inhabitants in the south of Murcia. Given its decidedly chequered history in senior football, La Unión is a strange option, but you pays your money, you takes your choice. 
Welcome to La Unión - Not too many home comforts
The first team from the town to reach the Tercera was the original CD La Unión, who under the moniker of Deportivo Unionense reached the third level in the mid sixties. In the 1970's La Unión Athletic was formed, who in the 1990's merged with Efesé Cartagena Deportivo to form Cartagena Atlético. In 2000 another team bearing the name CD La Unión was formed and did reasonably well, reaching the play-offs for Segunda 2b in 2008-09, before losing to SD Noja. At the start of the 2009-10 season, CD La Unión became a subsidiary of FC Cartagena and changed its name to FC Cartagena - La Unión. Still playing its home games at the Polideportivo Municipal in La Unión, the club reached the play-offs for Segunda 2b in 2011, but lost to CF Montañesa. The agreement with FC Cartagena came to an end in June 2011 and unable to meet the costs of another season in the Tercera, the club folded.
Polideportivo Municipal in La Unión - Nothing to get excited about
So you can see that the town is not an obvious choice, but the owner of Caravaca CF, José Francisco Beltrán, came to an agreement with the Mayor of  La Unión and the town has a club in the third level of Spanish football for the first time. Whatever the attraction was, I doubt if it centred on La Unión Municipal stadium. Whilst it is marginally better than Caravaca's El Morao ground, it's hardly a deal clincher with its  2,000 capacity, blue athletics track and artificial surface. Strangely, this relocation of a club did not create as much fuss as the other new team on the block, Huracán Valencia CF.
La Unión or Caravaca - The Spanish press seem unsure
Unsurprisingly, the move did not work out, although it was not the unmitigated disaster on the pitch that most people were predicting. La Unión or Caravaca, as much of the Spanish media continued to refer to them, spent most of the season at the wrong end of the table. The club hung in their and was only relegated following the penultimate set of fixtures. Then, with players wages outstanding, the club was demoted a further division. Life carries on in the Regional Preferente for La Unión, and so far they have avoided joining likes of Sporting Villanueva and Polideportivo Ejido into the ranks of former clubs from the south of Spain

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