Stadium Relief - What, Where & When

During my endless trawl through the more obscure pages of the the internet, I do on occasion come across pictures that bewilder, befuddle and downright bemuse me. One such occasion has occurred this very afternoon and I need your help in identifying something. 

Before you build your hopes up too much, there is nothing salacious about the picture. Oh no, it's an honest to goodness picture of the city of Leon and in the foreground, on the banks of the Rio Bernesga, is a decent sized football stadium. I can rule out the The Puentecilla/Antonio Amilivia due to location, but does anybody know what stadium this is? I know that Cultural Leonesa played at the following stadiums between theses dates: - Guzmán (1923-1931), San Mamés (1939-1940), La Corredera (1940-1945) and El Ejido (1945-1955). You can read about the former stadiums of Cultural Leonesa here.

That's about it, so any help you can give me would be hugely appreciated. Contact me via twitter on @estadios_Spain. Thanks in anticipation.