Fotos Estadio

Time to share some top quality photographs that have been sent to Estadios de Fútbol en España from our contributors and followers on Twitter. 
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Photo 1 - The Campo O Vao home of Coruxo CF (Courtesy of @CockneyWyvern ) 

Photo 2 - The Nuevo Román Suárez Puerta home to Real Avilés CF (Courtesy of @Terracethoughts )

Photo 3 - Barakaldo CF's Campo de Lasesarre (Courtesy of @victoryinmelb )

Photo 4  - Villarreal CF's El Madrigal (Courtesy of @heigltom )

Photo 5 - Gijón Industrial's Campo Santa Cruz  (Courtesy of @Terracethoughts )

Photo 6 - The Torre de Riazor at Deportivo La Coruna's Estadio de Riazor (Courtesy of @CockneyWyvern ) 

Thanks for sending in your photographs. Please keep sending them to our Twitter account @estadios_Spain. More photos, some time soon.