A Virtual Match Report - Sporting Villanueva vs Poli Ejido

I have to say that when Group IV of Segunda B lost two clubs in a matter of days earlier this year, my eyes turned to the fixture list. You see, with Sporting Villanueva retiring from the league at the halfway point, their remaining fixtures were awarded 0-1 to the opposition. However, with Polideportivo Ejido also folding, albeit technically dismissed after failing to meet two fixtures, their remaining matches were also awarded to the opposition, but by two goals to nil.
Well at least there is some action on the pitch, albeit a protest banner
Move on to Sunday 4 March when the two clubs were supposed to have met at Sporting's rather rickety Estadio Municipal. Obviously, with neither team now in existence, there would be no match, but the federation still had to cobble together a result for the 'ghost' fixture. Would they apply supreme logic to the situation and publish a report that showed Sporting receiving one of Poli Ejido's two goals, maybe taking an early lead, only to be pegged back moments before half-time when Poli received their gift? Then early in the second half, mounting Sporting pressure saw them take the lead and then hang on for dear life to record a 2-1 home victory. Er... no.
Villanueva del Fresno - A one-horse & no-club town
The federation decided that as it was Sporting's home fixture, they would lose 0-1, thus ensuring that Poli Ejido gained their first away win of the season, seven weeks after folding. It could only happen in Spain. 

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