Pamplona - Tajonar

South of Pamplona, just before the turning to the airport, you will find the Instalaciones Tajonar, CA Osasuna's training complex and home to Osasuna B, one of Spanish Football's most consistent reserve sides. Formed in 1964 when home was the old Campo de San Juan, Los Rojillos are competing in their 25th successive season in Segunda B.
That ain't no way to treat a pitch. Training at the Campo de San Juan
CA Osasuna was a relatively early convert to the benefits of official reserve team football, but prior to the early 1960's, it relied on partnerships with local clubs such as CD Iruña and CD Oberena. After 8 seasons in the regional championship, Osasuna Promesas, as they were then known, debuted in the Tercera in 1972. It was a brief stay, with the club returning to the regional leagues two seasons later, but despite this, players made the step up from La Cantera to the first team throughout the 70's and early 80's. Osasuna B returned to the Tercera in 1980 and two seasons later won promotion to Segunda B. They have now spent 28 of the past 30 seasons at this level, achieving second place on two occasions. In 1991, changes by the Spanish Federation to the set up of reserve team football, saw CA Osasuna Promesas disbanded and CA Osasuna B set up as  a fully professional unit within CA Osasuna. 
The main arena at Tajonar
Tajonar was opened in July 1982 and Osasuna B moved in that summer. To start with, the complex was more training base than actual stadium, relying on hard standing around one of the pitches. Additional land was purchased in 1987, but the facility only really began to take shape in 2001 when the complex was expanded and the two northern most pitches gained full length covered terraces on their northern side. The pitch to the east is reserved for first team training, whilst Osasuna B play their matches on the western pitch. This is identical to its partner, apart from the addition on four slim floodlight poles and a TV gantry positioned at the centre of the roof. Hard standing at either end and in front of the complex's headquarters, give Tajonar a capacity of 4,500.

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